UK-Based Airline Sources Hard to Find 1995-2015 Vacation Photos in Landmark Deal

Global Photography Network Collaborates To Bring Authentic Travel Campaign to Life

A UK-based airline has tapped into the family albums of photographers to create an authentic travel campaign. The hard to find travel images from 1995-2015 make up part of a landmark deal for ImageBrief photographers. As brands and their agencies shift away from generic stock imagery to authentic content that creates higher audience engagement, new innovative ways are being used to source content that connects with their audience.

A major UK advertising agency working on behalf of their airline client has turned to ImageBrief to help source hard to find, authentic vacation images dating back as far as 1995.

The images will be used in a campaign that will highlight 20 years of travel with the airline and had photographers mining their archives and dusting off their old 35mm negatives.

“This brief was fun since it gave my husband and I the opportunity to go through old photos and try and find some appropriate ones for the brief,” says photographer, Marie Claude Couillard, who is based in France.

19 photographers collaborated to license a total of 24 images. The sales marked some of the biggest ever made for many of the photographers, the majority of whom keep 100% of the commission on the sale.

“I'm very happy with this sale, it's the biggest I've ever made! I usually work with Getty Images as my main stock agency, and even if I've made some good sales, nothing as exciting as this one,” says Elvira Boix, a photographer based in Spain.

"I've been a passionate contributor to ImageBrief from pretty much Day One, so am delighted to have licensed three images in this landmark deal. As always, the whole process is both exciting and effortless, from the moment the brief pops up in your inbox through to the sale. Long live ImageBrief." Justin Paget (Profile:
"As a photographer who is constantly on the move, ImageBrief has provided a platform to not only continue the lifestyle but to also enhance and broaden the spectrum of photography that I and my partner shoot. Previously we would stick to sport, action, and/or landscape photography, however this has been a massive motivating factor to include many other styles into our portfolio. Great customer service and awesome usability from a website perspective." Wesley Meadows (Profile:
"As a new member to the ImageBrief Premium photographers list I couldn't be happier with the result—one of the first briefs I have replied to was successful and its already covered my membership fees. Its proven to be a great way of both selling photos and getting my work seen by the right clients. The ImageBrief team have made the whole photo sale process as easy as it gets with regular correspondence and assistance. I think I'll use the proceeds of this sale to take my family to some more beautiful locations! I am very appreciative to have a platform such as ImageBrief incorporated into my photography business and I thank the team for their fine work." Dean Hammer (Profile:
"I'm very happy with this sale, the biggest sale I've ever made! I usually work with Getty Images as my main stock agency, and even if I've made some good sales, nothing as big as this one. It's a picture of my children and me, it was taken on a holiday trip in the east of Spain. I think I will spend the money on something we can enjoy together. Great experience with ImageBrief." Elvira Boix (Profile:
"It's great to make yet another sale on ImageBrief, my biggest stock sale yet (a combined sale of two images). Getting a healthy four-figure sum really helps in an otherwise expensive-to-run profession, in an industry that is often forced to accept low fees. I will split the proceeds with the models in the photos —only fair since one was a paid, private commission anyway. You never know what images might sell—one was taken with friends just for fun! The ImageBrief team are great, keeping you informed during what can be a long drawn out process, as end-user clients work out what images will fit their campaign." Charlie Round Turner (Profile:
"This is the second-best sale I've ever made, with only one photo. Besides, this is a photo that reminds me of great moments. This brief was fun since it gave my husband and I the opportunity to go through old photos and try and find some appropriate ones for the brief." Marie Claude Couillard (Profile:
"I am thrilled to have sold this image and I'm ecstatic that it's part of a historic sale for ImageBrief! This sale is the largest amount I have received for a single image through both my stock photography and fine art sales. Luckily, I had previously signed up for a Premium Membership and I get to keep 100% of the money, that is also a first for me and pretty much unprecedented in the industry! Thank you to ImageBrief for making this process so simple. Each person I worked with was incredibly friendly, helpful, and kind!" Christine June (Profile:
"This sale is a direct response to prove how ImageBrief can help source work for clients across a global network very quickly. I do not like to think of ImageBrief as another image library, it should be seen as a hub to explore image options, including bespoke commissions through Premium Members, I am convinced that ImageBrief could be a huge player in this, steering clients towards a more ‘intimate’ image purchase, helping to push micro stock to the lower end and open up a more professional platform." John Slater (Profile:
"The ImageBrief platform is really disrupting traditional ways of sourcing images —I love the fact you have visibility into the brief—it saves you so much wasted time compared to other stock agencies." Scott Barclay (Profile:
"Given the results and the short time in which they arrived, makes me say that this is the best chance I've had and that I recommend everyone to try!" Stefano Zocca (Profile:
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